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Aches & Pains & Heavy Breathing February 10, 2013

Filed under: Tips — Chanté McCoy @ 9:23 pm
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Ok, looking ahead a little. You’ve already sprinted up a trail and become reacquainted with some muscles. Your joints are in an uproar.

Don’t give up.

For the aches and pain, I’m a big fan of Vitamin I: ibuprofen. If your body is complaining, consider taking your anti-inflammatory of choice a half-hour prior to a hike. Then reward yourself with a nice hot bath afterwards and soak away the complaints along with the sweat and dirt.

If you’re discouraged by getting out of breath easily, no worries there either. Even though I hike regularly, I’m always surprised how, within just the first 10 minutes of a hike with any elevation, I’m huffing and puffing. Then I get my legs, and it all seems to even out. Remember, as you climb in altitude, the oxygen is thinning out too. (P.S. That’s a great excuse as you build your endurance.)


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